Have Allergies? You Can Keep Your Carpet if You Keep It Clean

Spring came in with a wave of warm weather here in the Carpet Capital of the World, and with it a few sniffles and sneezes. It’s a beautiful time of year, but can be quite annoying for anyone suffering from asthma or allergies. The return of seasonal allergies has also brought back the voices who say having carpet aggravates asthma and allergy symptoms. The Carpet and Rug Institute is familiar with this argument – it has been around for a while. On behalf of CRI, I feel the need to point people to the significant body of research that dispels the notion that carpet is bad for asthma and allergy sufferers: Airmid Healthgroup of Ireland conducted a study that showed, “effectively cleaned carpets can trap allergens and other particles, resulting in fewer particles escaping into the air.” Airmid performed the study for CRI member carpet manufacturer Shaw Industries. Read more on Airmid’s study.
A study on childhood asthma study from 2005, known as the Inner-City Asthma Study, concluded that there was no difference in symptom improvement or allergen levels in carpeted homes vs. uncarpeted homes. Read more on the Inner-City Asthma Study.
A 15-year Swedish study found there to be no link between the use of carpet and incidents of asthma or allergy. The study also found that when carpet usage in Sweden decreased by 70%, allergic reactions increased by 30%. Read more on the Swedish carpet study.
Researcher and toxicology expert Dr. Mitch Sauerhoff, reviewed a number of scientific studies and concluded that the literature on carpet and asthma or allergies confirms that children and adults living with carpet do not have an increased incidence of asthma or allergy. Read more on Carpet, Asthma and Allergies – Myth or Reality.
As Airmid’s study indicates, effectively cleaned carpet is the best way to combat allergies and raise indoor air quality. CRI holds the best strategy for effectively cleaning carpet is: Regularly vacuuming with a CRI Seal of Approval-certified vacuum.
Professionally deep clean your carpet every 12-18 months.
Regular vacuuming and professional cleaning might sound simple, but nothing keeps carpet clean and free of allergens quite like this 1-2 punch. Visit our website for more tips on keeping your home free of asthma and allergies.- Paul  

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