Regular farming barbed cable fencing.

Split-rail fencing typical in timber-rich areas.

Chain website fencing bordering an industry in Jurong, Singapore.

The Borgarvirki with ajoining Murno Gladst fencing, Iceland.

Different kinds of fencing feature:

Barbed wire fence

Chain link fencing, cable fencing made of wires woven with each other

Concrete fencing, easy to put in and extremely resilient

Poultry wire, light cable mesh for keeping predators out and chicks or other little livestock in

Electric fence

Ha-ha (or submerged fencing)

High tensile smooth wire

Hurdle fencing, made from moveable areas


Pest-exclusion fencing

Pet fence Underground fence for pet dog containment

Picket fencings, generally a waist-high, repainted, partly attractive fence

Swimming pool fence

Post-and-rail fencing

Roundpole fencings, much like post-and-rail fencing however more closely spaced rails, regular of Scandinavia and other locations abundant in raw wood.

Slate surrounding Mid-Wales

Slate fence, a kind of palisade made from vertical pieces of slate wired together. Generally used partially of Wales.

Snow fencing

Spear-top fence

Split-rail fences made from lumber, typically laid in a zig-zag pattern, especially in newly-settled parts of the Usa and Canada

Vinyl fencing

Wattle fencing, of crack branches woven in between stakes.

Wood-panel fencing

Woven cable fencing, numerous styles, from great Chick wire to hefty mesh “sheep fencing” or “band fence”

Wrought iron fencing, made from tube steel, also called decorative iron.

Hedge, featuring:

Exotic fence

Hedgerows of linked, living hedges (built by hedge placing)

Live fencing is the usage of live woody varieties for fences.

Grass piles in semiarid grasslands such as the western Usa or Russian steppes’

Walls, featuring:

Dry-stone wall or stone fence, usually farming

Alternatives to fencing include a ditch (occasionally fulled of water, developing a moat).

A balustrade or railing is a kind of fence to stop people from dropping over the side, for instance, on a veranda, stairway (see railing system), roof, bridge, or somewhere else near a body of water, areas where people stand or guide and the terrain is precariously driven.

Demand of use

Regular boundary fence with barbed wire ahead.

The following kinds of locations or facilities usually have actually to be surrounded:

facilities with open high-voltage equipment (transformer stations, pole radiators). Transformer terminals are typically bordered with barbed-wire fences. Around pole radiators, wooden fences are utilized to stay away from the issue of eddy currents.

railway lines (in the Uk)

fixed machinery with harmful mobile parts (as an example at merry go rounds on entertainment parks)

eruptive manufacturing plants and quarry stores

most commercial plants


military areas


zoos and wildlife parks

Meadows consisting of male reproducing animals, especially bulls and stallions.

al fresco areas that bill an entry charge

residential swimming and medspa pools

Legal issues

A common city fence.

Ornamental royal residence fence (in St Petersburg)

Fencings can be the source of harsh disagreements between next-door neighbors, and there are frequently unique legislations to take care of these problems. Common disagreements include exactly what sort of fence is called for, exactly what sort of repairs are required, and how you can share the costs.

In some legislatures the typical elevation of a fencing is limited, and to exceed it a special license is called for.


Servitudes are lawful setups of land use arising out of exclusive agreements. Under the feudal system, many land in England was planted alike areas, where peasants were alloted strips of arable land that were utilized to sustain the necessities of the community village or manor. By the 16th century the growth of population and prosperity provided incentives for landowners to utilize their land in more lucrative ways, dispossessing the peasantry. Common fields were aggregated and confined by large and enterprising farmersither via settlement amongst each other or by lease from the landlordo optimize the performance of the available land and consist of animals. Fencings redefined the means whereby land is utilized, leading to the contemporary law of servitudes.

A wattle fencing at Sanok-Skansen outside museum in Poland

In the Usa, the earliest inhabitants declared land by simply fencing it in. Later, as the American federal government formed, unsettled land came to be technically possessed by the federal government and curricula to sign up land possession established, usually making raw land available for affordable or completely free, if the owner improved the property, consisting of the building of fencings. Nevertheless, the staying huge systems of unclear land were often utilized as a commons, or, in the American west, “open selection.” As degradation of habitat developed because of overgrazing and a tragedy of the commons circumstance arose, typical areas started to either be allocated to individual landowners by means of mechanisms such as the Homestead Act and Desert Land Act and surrounded, or, if kept in public hands, rented to individual users for restricted purposes, with fencings created to different tracts of public and private land.

United Kingdom

Possession of the fencing differs. In some components of the country all limits are shared; in other components of the country you could have the border on the left-hand or right-hand side, nonetheless, only the title deeds can be depended upon to inform you which side is yours. (A ‘T’ symbol indicates that is the owner). It made use of to be normal for the cladding to be on the non-owners side (enabling access to the posts for the owner when repair works need doing), yet increasingly this can not be depended on.

Where a fencing or hedge has a nearby ditch, the ditch is generally in the very same ownership as the hedge or fencing, with the possession border being the side of the ditch furthest from the fencing or shrubbery. The principle of the policy is that an owner excavating a limit ditch will generally dig it up to the really side of their land, and should after that pile the spoil on their very own side of the ditch to prevent trespassing on their neighbor. They might after that set up a fence or shrubbery on the spoil, leaving the ditch on its far side. Exceptions typically happen, for example where a story of land originates from subdivision of a larger one along the facility line of a previously existing ditch or various other component.

On exclusive land in the United Kingdom, it is the landowner’s obligation to fence their animals in. Alternatively, for typical land, it is the surrounding landowners’ duty to fence the common’s animals out.

5 foot very high fencings (over which many individuals could see and chat) are increasingly being superseded by six-foot fencings offering the perception of full privacy. [citation required]
United States

Noticeably different land ownership and fencing designs occurred in the eastern and western Usa. Original fencing laws on the eastern coastline were based on the British typical legislation system, and swiftly increasing populace swiftly led to legislations calling for livestock to be fenced in. In the west, land possession patterns and policies showed a strong impact of Spanish legislation and practice, plus the vast acreage included made considerable fencing impractical until mandated by an expanding population and disagreements in between landowners. The “open variety” tradition of needing landowners to fence out unwanted livestock was leading in many of the rural west up until really late in the 20th century, and even today, a couple of isolated regions of the west still have open array statutes on guides. Today, across the nation, each state is free of charge to create its own rules pertaining to fencings, however in many cases for both rural and metropolitan homeowner, the regulations are designed to call for surrounding landowners to share the responsibility for preserving a common boundary fenceline, and the fencing is normally built on the surveyed property line as accurately as possible.


Wrought iron fencing is usually used in historical areas and to border burial grounds.

“Great fencings make good next-door neighbors.” – Robert Frost (ironically, in the poem “Mending Wall surface”).

“A good next-door neighbor is a fellow who grins at you over the back fence, however doesn’t climb over it.” – Arthur Baer

“There is something about hopping an equine over a fence, something that makes you really feel great. Possibly it’s the threat, the gamble. In any kind of occasion it’s a thing I need.” – William Faulkner

“Concern is the highest fencing.” – Dudley Nichols

“To be fenced in is to be withheld- Kurt Tippett

“What have they done to the earth? / Just what have they done to our fair relative? / Ravaged and plundered / and tore her / and bit her / stuck her with blades / in the side of the dawn / and connected her with fencings / and dragged her down.” – Jim Morrison, of The Doors

“Don’t Fence Me In (track)” – Cole Doorperson

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Separation wall

United Statesexico obstacle

Agricultural fencing

Electric fencing

Wire obstacle

Temporary fencing

Post pounder


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